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Sabrina (Wei-Lung) Chou
Director, Choreographer, Performer, Singer and Cultural Educator

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Born in Taiwan, Sabrina is a Choreographer, Performer, Singer and Cultural educator. Sabrina graduated with a Bachelor of Dance (Honors) at the Chinese Cultural University, Taipei and has extensive performing experience including a residency as principal contemporary dancer with the Taipei National Theatre, touring in Japan, Canada and in the USA at venues in New York, Washington, Hawaii, and Chicago.

Sabrina immigrated to Australia on a Distinguished Talent Visa in 1999. Since then she studied a Diploma of Dance Teaching & Management, at the Box Hill Institute of TAFE (2001) and has completed a Graduate Diploma of Choreography at the Victorian College of the Arts (2002). She has been awarded the Overseas Outstanding Youth Award by the Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, Taiwan (2009); first prize in the Chinese Ex-Patriot Writer’s Competition Melbourne, 2003; and Best Artist in the Song Writing and Singing Competition, Yi Juan Youth Association, Taipei 1998.

Sabrina is a co-founding member of KITA and since 2001 she has choreographed, performed, and run workshops at schools, community events and festivals; and has toured Victorian schools with the Regional Arts Victoria Arts2Go program. She completed two Artists in Schools projects funded by Arts Victoria in 2007 Coconut, Rice and Bamboo and 2008 and The Golden Mountain, NSW with Cultural Infusion and Pan Event Entertainment, 2009.

Sabrina is co-founder of the Bendigo Harvest Moon Festival, in partnership with The Golden Dragon Museum, producing Tales of the Moon 2007, a community arts development project. Sabrina has collaborated with various local community groups and schools to choreograph various traditional dance works including Stories of the Autumn Harvest Moon (2007) with Vietnamese and Chinese elders and Trinity Primary school, Richmond in partnership with Art Play 2007.

Sabrina is also artistic director of the Sabrina Dance Troupe based in Melbourne which presents Chinese traditional dance in schools and at community events. The works presented are part of the Melbourne Chinese Community’s outreach program which aims to bring Chinese culture to Melbourne audiences. Events include the annual Lantern Moon & Dragon Boat Festival; the Buddha & Multicultural Festival, Federation Square; the New Year Festival, Crown; and the Tianjin Kite Festival and Moon Lantern Festival sponsored by the City of Boroondara.

Recently, Sabrina worked with contemporary dance choreographer Alistair MacIndoe from Chunky Move performing at the Meat Market. She performed in180 Seconds in (Disco) Heaven or Hell, part of the Dance Massive program presented by Arts House, and she was an ensemble singer and dancer in Miss Saigon with CLOC Musical Theatre. She also choreographed the contemporary dance work ABC at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2004.

Ruby (Pai Wei) Kao
Choreographer, Dancer and Cultural Educator

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Ruby Pai-Wei Kao was born in Taiwan. She holds a Certificate from the Chinese Folk Department of the Beijing Dance Institute and BA Dance (Honours) from the Chinese Cultural University, Taipei. This was followed by a period of research in traditional Chinese dance in Beijing. Ruby was a member of the Taipei Folk Dance Troupe and represented Taiwan in numerous cultural exchange performances in Macedonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the US and in Asia. A career highlight was a performance of the Opera Aida, in German at the National Theatre in Taiwan.

Ruby has worked with KITA as a choreographer, calligrapher, performer and teacher since 2004 in Victorian schools, at festivals and corporate events, and she has toured Victorian schools with the Regional Arts Victoria Arts2Go program.

She is a co-founding member of the Bendigo Harvest Moon Festival, running a series of workshops which culminated with a public performance of Tales of the Moon (2007). Another successful project was Stories of the Autumn Harvest Moon, Birrarung Marr (2007) run in partnership with Art Play. 

Ruby has contributed her talents to the Chinese Community’s Sabrina Dance Troupe in the following works: the Dragon & Lantern Moon Festival, Melbourne Chinese Museum; the Buddha & Multicultural Festival, Federation Square; New Year Festival, Crown; the annual Tianjin Kite Festival; the Moon Lantern Festival sponsored by the City of Boroondara, 2006; and Australia Day Voyages at Federation Square with Cultural Infusion and Pan Event Entertainment, 2008. She conducted a dance program at the Kingston Youth Festival, 2005 and Tet Festival, North Richmond Community Centre, in 2004.

Recently, Ruby worked with contemporary choreographer Alistair MacIndoe from Chunky Move performing at the Meat Market and appeared in 180 Seconds in (Disco) Heaven or Hell as part of the Dance Massive Festival 2009 presented by Arts House.


Yong Ying Woo
Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer

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Yong Ying Woo who is Chinese and Malaysian, originally comes from Kuala Lumpur.
She specializes in traditional and contemporary Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian classical dances and has extensively trained in Ballet and contemporary dance at the Faculty of Dance in Malaysia's National Arts Academy. She represented her school by performing in Padang, Indonesia in 2007 and 2008, and also participated in the Bangkok Fringe Festival later in the same year, As well she represented Malaysia to promote culture and awareness in London upon completion of her course at ASWARA.

Yong Ying, seeking to advance her career further, came to Australia in 2008. During her course in Associate In Applied Dance at The Dance World Studio, she has performed at some of the most recognizable theatres in Melbourne including the National Theatre at St Kilda and Malt House Theatre. She also toured New Zealand in 2009 and 2011.

Yong Ying has since performed and choreographed at various events and locations including the 2010 Australian Dance Award at the Art Centre in Melbourne ,  Australian Dance Card at Melbourne Town Hall and  Buddha's Day performances at Federation Square by Sabrina Dance Troupe, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010 & Castlemaine State Arts Festival 2011 with Kita Performing Arts Company and Reliquary by Miji Present 2011.

Yasushi Asaya
Martial Arts Artist and Break dancer

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Yasushi was born in Japan and is a professional street and breakdancer. His repertoire also includes Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts), Wu-Shu (Chinese Martial Arts) and Kendo (Japanese Fencing). He came to Australia in 2001 to develop his skills and enter competitions such as the Australian National Breakdance Championship in 2001 where he won first place; the Battle of the Year Australia Breakdance Finals (first place in 2002 and 2003); Throw Down Vol 7 Breakdance 2005 (first place) and OZ, B-boy Breakdance Battle 2006 (second place). He acquired an Australian Permanent Residency Visa as a distinguished talent in 2005.

Since then Yasushi has had a very tight schedule of performances and professional work in Melbourne, Sydney, NSW and New Zealand. He has performed in the theatre show Heroes at the Dancekool Theatre in Sydney (2005) in Melbourne Breaks (2005) and at the Music and Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006). He has appeared in films, television programs and music clips and his TVC credits include commercials for Toyota (2008), Mazda (2006), VB (2004) and Fruitopia (2001).

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to the founder and former director of KITA, Kim Dunphy, who led the company and mentored the original KITA members until they became established artists in Australia, sharing her expertise in dance education and community arts development with us.

Special thanks to KITA’s co-founder, Nixson Eduard and former members Seung Hi Lee, Hou Mei Wang, Soepri Soehodo, Wei Wei Zhang, Anjali Sengupta, Soo Yeun You, Ethan Thoi, Vincent Huynh, Mohini Joshi, Nicole Williamson, Yi Zhang & Hee-Eun Jeong, who pooled their skills and talents and helped ensure the continuing success of the company.

May all walk on a prosperous path and be successful in their craft.

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